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China, given its high growth rate, economies of scale in production and highly competitive price-quality products, is becoming more and more attractive to overseas companies for direct investment and market expansion. At the same time, Chinese companies are ready and eager to expand their business in the international arena.

In view of the opportunities of the 2-way market development requirements, JDL is well prepared, with our highly experienced and professional management consulting team, to provide One-Stop-Shop services to help international companies enter the China market, as well as Chinese companies to enter overseas markets.


AZ-tel is Next-generation telecom service provider & wholesale voice aggregator.
With partner in over 38 countries, AZ-tel assuring service quality and revenue streams for many of the worlds best-known telecom operators. For small and large service providers alike, including the worlds largest GSM/VoIP/CDMA operators LDI operators, calling card operators,& Call Centers the highly scalable and Cost Effective solutions from AZ-tel maximize the service providers competitive edge through excellent profitability & reliability, quick and smooth launch of new telecom services, and greatly increased end-customer satisfaction.



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